Thursday, December 22, 2011

Chocolate covered goodies

I tried something new this year...chocolate covered goodies. Specifically chocolate covered graham crackers.
But that was just the tip of the iceberg...I also made chocolate covered graham crackers filled with marshmallow.
It all started when I saw marshmallow cream on the shelf at the store, and I had the melting chocolate in my cart for something else...all I could think about was graham crackers at that point lol

Smore's anyone?

Here's how I did it:

  • I broke apart the graham crackers on their dotted lines, go to the smallest size because they get to be too much with everything if they're larger (use the larger sizes when it's just the crackers being dipped).

  • Smeared one side of a cracker with room temperature marshmallow cream (marshmallow fluff is also an option - if the cream is cold it may not smear). 

  • Place another cracker on top to make a sandwich. I had a whole plate of these sandwiches ready to go before melting the chocolate. Be sure to do this in a cool place (i.e. not next to a hot stove - it'll make the marshmallow run).

  • Melt the chocolate according to the directions, make sure it's nice and smooth. And use a dish that is wide enough that you can easily get into it with your hand and the cracker. Small tongs may be useful - I just dove right in

  • Dip the sandwiches, holding the crackers in place the best you can. The marshmallow is going to try to run, just cover them and set them down as quickly as you can.

  • Set them on wax paper to cool. As they cool the chocolate hardens and the marshmallow stops running, though it may leak out through the edges due to pressure over time. Store in the fridge to prevent it.


Gaye Brownie said...

This all looks so yummy!
Sweets are my big addiction.
I want them all and I want them now!

Lauren said...

You're making these for me when I visit right???